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On the second Day of Diplo, Rave Klaxon played for me… “Bitch I’m Madonna” times Three.

Nothing excited me in 2015 quite as much as the full package behind the Madonna, Diplo and SOPHIE collaboration “Bitch I’m Madonna”. I wasn’t as convinced in 2014 when The Queen gave us an early peek at the album, offering us a small handful of songs released to iTunes just before Christmas, but eventually “Bitch I’m Madonna” became my absolute favourite track from Rebel Heart, popping and pulsing away at such an excitable pace that the song itself arguably became one of Madonna’s most polarising singles to date.

Helping guide my appreciation along for this track as a single was the complete irreverence of releasing “Bitch…” immediately after the release of “Ghosttown”, an act that was not lost on her core fanbase. Madonna coming off the back of “Ghosttown” with little-to-no radio or television love, even though the song itself was actually an electrifying slab of pop wonderment that finally saw Madonna return to being an iconic storyteller… how exactly DO you follow up one of the greatest, more ‘traditional’ pop single releases from an album that’s been a little misunderstood? With a song that – in its greatest moments – sounds like Ableton being hacked at with a chainsaw, that’s how.

There’s a lot to love about this song, including that magnificent Jimmy Fallon performance, that bonkers-amazing cameo-filled video clip, and the three absolute definitive remixes that make up the “Bitch I’m Madonna” holy-trinity; the legendary Diplo Remix (listen below!), the original Album Version, and the somewhat downtempo’d Flechette Remix.

But most of all, I LOVE Diplo for producing this godsend, but nowhere near as much as I love him for then convincing Madonna to release it as a single. You may not see “Bitch I’m Madonna” as the classic moment so many of her hardcore fans do, but nothing she’s released this entire decade encapsulates her mission statement more. Especially as it plays out as a giant, middle-goddamn-finger to all of her detractors.

The Twelve Days of Diplo continues tomorrow with Day 3. Diplo plays Australia’s Stereosonic Music Festival through the tail-end of November and the first week of December, kicking off in Sydney on Saturday November the 28th. Buy your tix online now!

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