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Day 9’s entry for #The12DaysofDiplo is a little different to what I’ve done over the last eight days; more of a call-to-arms rather than a few words on a killer, Diplo-related song, Day 9 is all about showering the iconic Major Lazer animated series with encouraging words of love and admiration, as well as getting you all to sit down for a viewing.

Perfect when sober, drunk or – should it be your thing – stoned, Major Lazer’s animated series manages to get its story across, throw in some good gags and pack it full of killer Lazer Sounds; and with each episode running time reaching around 10 minutes, you can basically knock all of Season 1 out quicker than you can honk the rave klaxon. In fact, even if you aren’t a fan of “420”, there’s a very good chance this show will make you feel like you’re 10-bowls-deep, without having smoked a single puff.

If you’re a Lazer fan and love really well produced, hilarious animation; Major Lazer’s got it all.

You can buy the digital copy of Major Lazer: Season 1 via Amazon, and if you’re in the US, you can watch it on Hulu. I’m not sure whether this will get a DVD release but I’m praying to the Rave Gods it happens soon.

The Twelve Days of Diplo continues tomorrow with Day 10. Diplo plays Australia’s Stereosonic Music Festival touring Australia NOW! Buy your tix online now, and while you’re at it, read the #12DaysofDiplo entries for Day 1, Day 2Day 3, Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7 & Day 8!

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