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It should really be of no surprise that Major Lazer’s “Lean On” is – out of ultimate respect – today’s entry in The 12 Days of Diplo. The Song of the Year almost by default, “Lean On” managed for Major Lazer what most pop artists dream of at the beginning of their year, garnering them the “Bad Romance” of 2015 and introducing their brand of jam to an entirely new, broader audience. “Lean On” was everywhere all year. It’s still everywhere. It’s one of those tracks you’re guaranteed to hear every single time you go to a club for the next two years. And just like with “Bad Romance”, I’m totally fine with that.

The single, performed with DJ Snake and the already-Iconic Danish vocalist , has left a serious cultural impact on most of our lives. I was out with friends a few weeks ago and the song started playing over the sound system in the bar. Instantly everybody started to talk about how much they loved the song, or where they were when they first heard it, even sharing a prominent, personal moment that happened to them during the year which was soundtracked by the song… I’d already had a fair idea of the cultural impact the song had made, but it was then that I really took note of just how integrally important “Lean On” has been to music for the year.

Before I leave you with the genius that is the song in question, I just want to make a point of noting that this whole ’12 Days of Diplo’ series is not only here to count down my excitement to Diplo’s Melbourne arrival, but also to show the haters and dance music elitists who think he’s “sold out” – whatever that means – or “gone commercial” (like that’s a bad thing) that they’re fucking wrong. Have you actually been paying attention to the last 11 years at all? Take a look through Diplo’s production and remix discography… the man has always been involved in popular culture and its music, whilst still remaining an absolute King of the Underground. It’s on a different level now, sure, but that’s maybe because as an artist he’s changed, evolved and discovered new ways of working, new sounds that he wants to unleash upon the world. And what in the hell is wrong with that? Music is to be enjoyed, and just because you personally may not enjoy something doesn’t mean that the next ten people don’t feel something almost unexplainable when they hear it. Who are you to judge what type of music feels right for different folk? Get yourself out of that tiny, closed-minded box you’ve cornered yourself into and learn to live a bit; you’re missing out on one of the most important music releases of the year, from a collective series of artists whose careers are only on the rise.

The Twelve Days of Diplo continues tomorrow with Day 6. Diplo plays Australia’s Stereosonic Music Festival through the tail-end of November and the first week of December, kicking off in Sydney on Saturday November the 28th. Buy your tix online now, and while you’re at it, read the #12DaysofDiplo entries for Day 1, Day 2Day 3 and Day 4!

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