Delta’s Airline soars on “Wings”

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Since the arrival of Delta Goodrem’s new single “Wings” last week, I have been particularly obsessed with the song and its world-class structure. According to my iTunes playcount for the song I’ve managed to play it a total of 520 times in just over a week.

Unlike any other Goodrem single, “Wings” takes our pop heroine under the glistening lights of the disco ball whilst simultaneously – and mathematically – shoehorning in as many big ‘pop’ moments and hooks into the song as possible, ensuring that “Wings” is elevated to Classic Status right after your first listen. Now more than ever, Delta is paying attention to the way pop around her is not only created, but also ingested by the consumer. With “Wings”, Delta has reached the absolute pinnacle of her career and released the most exciting and worthy single in her discography.

As the song begins with its flickered intro, Delta wastes no time setting the pace with what’s to come and delivers menacing, rapid-fire vocals across the bridge, as well as a series of three impeccably timed exhales to the beat – all within the first thirty seconds of the song. Arriving like a bat out of hell, the first appearance of the chorus sees all the clangs and whistles of the track disappear, leaving you alone with a single church bell and Delta’s voice. It’s almost as if she sat at the mixing board, turned down the kitchen sink and set off the church bells, yelling to her audience “I want you to hear how big this fucking chorus is.” And she’s right; it’s the biggest chorus she’s ever written. To top it all off, it ends with a loud, climactic thud – a classic, dance-floor equivalent to a chorus that capitalizes on her harmonies and how brilliant she really is when she’s making dance music.

Once the second verse kicks in, we reach the bridge once more and then, with the second reveal of the chorus, the bells and whistles kick into high gear and Delta throws the entire kitchen sink at it, with dizzying results. You’ve heard the chorus, now she wants you to dance to it. That moment the “Wings” chorus slipped into silence at the start of the song is all but forgotten, as the beats somehow make the track sound even bigger by smashing them at you. There’s this fever-picthed euphoria about that second wave that is unparalleled by any song Goodrem has ever written, or virtually any pop song Australia has generated in the last 12 months.

Things reach heavenly proportions at the middle-8, a sonically gifted extension of her ‘la-la’ dance-floor chorus and the epitome of reaching ‘fever pitch’ in a pop song. Then, Deep Delta reaffirms call-cry of “Wings” in her darkest of tones. Want a reminder that Goodrem’s voice is one of the most versatile voices in all of Australia? HERE IT BLOODY IT. It’s also only the second point in the song that Goodrem gives you a breather; a few small seconds to gather your breath, all before it launches itself back into the big, massive dance bomb that it is.

Disco Delta is the most exciting Delta of them all. So many people would argue that, because her voice is so strong, she shouldn’t be making Dance music. Over the years though, it’s been made fairly evident that Delta’s voice marries itself perfectly with the heavy beats of the dance floor. “Wings” is such an inspired release, I want this next album to be a nice blend of Disco Delta and Balladry Delta; because these are the two styles her voice works the most perfectly with.

There’s also one very important thing to take from the wonderful world of “Wings”, and that’s the fact Delta’s so obviously been studying pop music – moreso than ever before. This is a woman who organically writes all of her pop songs at the piano. But she’s then taken “Wings” and turned it into a World Class, certifiable pop classic that should serve as the big, global launching pad she so richly deserves. “Wings” is not only Goodrem’s most mind-blowing single, it has every potential to become her “Bad Romance” and, mathematically speaking, is the kind of powerful pop moment you would expect from songwriters like Max Martin, RedOne or Bonnie McKee.

Here’s the official video, featuring Drummer Delta and one fierce wind machine.

And here’s a video of the brilliant performance from Sunday night’s episode of The Voice.

Stop the search now Australia. You’ve already found The Voice!

Buy Delta’s “Wings” now on iTunes, or stream it on the 3,483 new streaming services available through the app store.

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