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Melbourne’s own Peter Wilson is an incredible pop star whose music first caught my attention in the Summer of 1993/1994. His debut single “I Wanna Dance” encapsulated my frame of mind coming back to the city after living in Rural Victoria for too long; all I wanted to do was jump excitedly around my room to the best dance music 1993 and 1994 had to offer. Going from a town with only two AM radio stations and rage on a Saturday or Sunday morning to keep me musically ‘up to date’, moving back to Geelong with all of the FM trash that was there beforehand plus a new, Youth orientated radio station named Hitz FM… I’d gone from being in complete musical exile to experiencing a type of musical freedom that was very new and exciting to me; pre The Internet, let alone iTunes or Spotify. The station paved the formula almost every Australian broadcaster and his dog would later bastardise and hijack as their own, and Peter’s “I Wanna Dance” was the actual first song I heard when I’d moved back to Geelong and tuned into 89.9 Hitz FM for the very first time. To this day it still brings back wonderful memories.

Since then, Peter’s managed to out-trump his debut 10-fold-and-then-some, with his last two albums, 2013’s Pulsation and the corker 2015 release Utopia, serving as the true crowning glories of his discography.

With Utopia making waves, a new single via “Doing What They Said Can’t Be Done” on the horizon and a bonza Remix Album which is released today, I thought it was time to finally give Peter a call to have a chat about all things Utopia – and of course, the world of Pop. The conversation was such a blast that half-way through adding the finishing touches to my transcribed copy of the piece, I decided you all needed to hear this excellent interview rather than read it. Peter was such a joy to speak with; I love and have massive respect for his brutal honesty, and the way he refuses to shy away from talking about anything. He was also such a breeze to chat to, and I honestly think that comes across in the below soundfile.

We talk about Stock/Aitken/Waterman, drinking champagne with Eurovision Entrants, meeting and working with Salvador Dali‘s muse and Disco Icon Amanda Lear, and why he thinks music in 2015 is “too disposable”. Thankfully though, he likes Lana Del Rey. Phew!

So low-and-behold, here is the audio of Peter Wilson and I having a lengthy, pop-related yarn on the Telephone.

Buy Peter Wilson’s Utopia now – Physical Copy | iTunes


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