Adem’s Top 20: W/E 05.07.2015

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It’s time for another Top 20! Albeit a few weeks late – my apologies, I’m MOVING HOUSE THIS WEEKEND so life is a bit chaotic at the moment. Without further ado though, here are the 20 songs that have made packing my life away that little bit easier this week.

01. PETER WILSON “I Don’t Wanna See You Cry (Matt Pop Radio Mix)
Peter Wilson’s “Utopia” has fast turned into the most highly anticipated release of my musical year. With this, the arrival of the album’s first single “I Don’t Wanna See You Cry”, Wilson continues paying homage to the Europop sounds of the 1980s and 1990s he loves so much, whilst still producing quality choons that sound fresh and follow perfect song structure methods. It’s also important to note that Matt Pop’s work on this single marks as his best remix work since his re-rub of ABBA’s “The Day Before You Came”. Peter’s last album, 2013’s “Pulsation”, is still one of the most played records in my collection, so come August I can guarantee “Utopia” will follow suit. I’m hoping to sit down and have a chat with Peter soon to talk all about the new album and his year ahead.

02. MADONNA “Bitch I’m Madonna”
Third and Fourth shows for Melbourne and Sydney expected to be announced soon. Nice to see this single getting Aussie radio play too, even if they have butchered the hell out of it for editing purposes. While we’re on the subject of The Queen, have you submitted your Top 20 votes in our all-Madonna Top 50? We are publishing the results on Madonna’s birthday this year, August the 16th, and you can read all about how to vote by clicking through this here link.

03. BONNIE McKEE “Easy”
Speaking of new releases, Bonnie’s new “Bombastic” EP landed last week and this, the beautiful “Easy”, is by far the best moment after the title track on this EP. Sounds like M83 going Pop = Very, Very bloody good.

04. RIHANNA “Bitch Better Have My Money”
The video of the year finally arrived last week and gave the term ‘event music video’ more grit than it’s seen since Madonna’s “What It Feels Like For A Girl”.

The best bit about this track? Alaska admitting the accent she sings it in came to her after a working holiday in Croatia.

06. BONNIE McKEE “Bombastic”
Look, Bonnie’s still one of the best videos of the year. Rihanna just stole her position is all.

Ballad of the year?

08. YEARS & YEARS “Shine”
Album dropping on Friday – CANNOT. FCKUING. WAIT.

09. BONNIE McKEE “I Want It All”
Fast becoming one of my favourite songwriters and pop stars, at this point McKee can do no wrong in my eyes. EP review coming soon.

The best dance track on album full of amazing dance tracks.

11. VARIOUS ARTISTS “Hitz 247 90’s Megamix by Samus Jay”
89.9 Hitz FM is the radio station solely responsible for my insane passion for dance music, particularly dance from the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Between the years of 1991 and 2001, Hitz FM was a community broadcaster in Melbourne that would run three ‘test broadcasts’ each year in a bid to obtain a full time license. When it came to the crunch, the Australian Broadcasting Authority decided not to give Hitz a license, so now, 15 years later, the station exists once more thanks to the wonderful, technological world of the Internet. This megamix (from their latest dance compilation celebrating the Best of the 1990’s) is one of the best megamixes you’ll ever hear, and is mixed by local Melbourne megamix Wizard, Samus Jay. Full review of the entire CD coming in the next week or two!

Such a gorgeous tune from one of my fave new acts for the year.

13. BONNIE McKEE “Wasted Youth”
Another cut from McKee’s ace new EP.

The best parody pop event of the year?

15. PEARL “Die With Me”
Poor Pearl is copping a lot of flack of late for alleged reasons I’d rather not go into; thankfully her music speaks for itself, and debut dance album “Pleasure” is one of the year’s best.

16. RITA ORA “Poison”
Thespian realness from Rita Ora.

Still very much in love with Dean’s powerful cover of the Skyhooks’ classic.

Alaska’s new album “Anus” is probably the greatest drag race related album ever, RIGHT?!

19. DUCK “Brave New World”
Amazing new jam from an up-and-coming UK duo called Duck. One of the members shares the same first and last name as me as well!! Corr blimey, et cetera et cetera!

20. MADONNA “Unapologetic Bitch”
Have I told you yet about our all-Madonna Top 50, and how you can vote for your Top 20 Madonna tracks to win some goodies? I did? You sure? Okay great.

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